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The idea of a mail buy trophy wife has been around at present. It is a term that refers to a young, desirable woman who’s married to a wealthy man. The term can often be used in a derogatory manner and signifies that she has minor personal advantage besides her physical attractiveness, requires significant expense for maintaining her appearance, and will very little of substance above remaining amazing.

However , according to sociologist Dr Elizabeth McClintock, the ‘trophy wife’ belief is certainly not a widespread truth. In fact , her investigate shows that handsome men are likely to partner with rather women and effective men with successful ladies.

In her study, Dr McClintock evaluated 543 young couples – including both individuals who had currently married and those still internet dating – and rated all of them for their physical attractiveness. Therefore she undertook studies these data to verify if there was virtually any evidence that beauty and money were exchanged in marriages.

What your sweetheart found was that the evidence of the beauty-money exchange was tiny – and completely vanished in more committed couples. She also discovered that the social course barriers within just wedding market were relatively impermeable.

While it is true that many powerful, good-looking men seek out girls that are in physical form beautiful, this does not indicate they will necessarily end up with a trophy wife. The fact is that these women are simply as on their own successful, impressive and rich as their husbands.

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